Rising demand means rising value

Since its launch in 2009, Bitcoin has been the best performing asset class every year bar one. Globally, more people and businesses are turning to Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies because of high level of security and transparency.

By  assessing factors  such  as  the closing  price  and number  of  transactions  carried  out,  we  can  see  that  Bitcoin adoption is growing year in, year out, and has risen to almost 8 Million transactions per month at the beginning of 2017.

Since  January  2015  the  price  of  Bitcoin  has  seen  an  increase  of over  500%,  rising  from  US$300, to  over US$1500  at  the  beginning  of  May. The meteoric  rise of  Bitcoin  adoption seems to  show  no  sign abating.

Number of Transactions

Closing Price

Alternative cryptocurrencies

Although Bitcoin remains the dominant cryptocurrency in the world today, having a market cap of over US$22 Billion, more recently we are starting to see tremendous growth in the other Cryptocurrency markets.

Share of Market cap (Jan 2017)

Share of Market cap (May 2017)

Data from cryptocompare.com

Unlike other funds, Alphabit are actively involved in the alternative cryptocurrency markets, taking full advantage of this growing market, while others are focusing on Bitcoin, and in a few cased Ethereum.

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